I have just realized that Vienna was the base of the film “Before Sunrise”. After watching the film, Vienna trip was a little more special to me. Stayed in this classy city for a weekend.

One thing I loved about this city was that there were vegan options everywhere. Love having a vegan ice-cream when walking around.



Visititing therme at lease once during the trip was important for me so I have visited Therme Wien. It was such a good decision since this place was a perfect place to relax for a day. The day spa voucher included a gown, small meal, beverages and an exclusive lounge as well.  It was nice to work out and relax at the same time.



Palmenhaus is a historical restaurant in Vienna. I really wanted to visit this brasserie for its interior and it turned out to be beautiful..Had a dinner and the seafood plates were excellent and fresh; the servers were friendly as well. It was a nice experience to be able to dine in this grand space. 20160602_19210820160602_19211220160602_19353020160602_19402220160602_19402520160602_19480520160602_19554620160602_20223020160602_20223920160602_20224520160602_20245520160602_202501


Last but not the least..the very famous and well-known cafe central. This classy and historical cafe is famous for its own cake; Sacher torte. I’ve always wanted to visit this beautiful cafe and was really happy to have a coffee and amazing sachertorte. They have two kinds of sacher torte and other delicious cakes. Tried three of them and they were all good. I personally believe visiting this cafe and have their Sachertorte is a must-to do in Vienna. 🙂20160603_10182020160603_10182820160603_10183520160603_102036

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