It was my second time to be in Berlin and first time to be in Berlin alone travelling. Berlin is one of my favorite cities personally…love the fact that this city is somewhat natural but hip…so effortlessly chic. Also, the food prices are fairly reasonable as well. Stayed in Berlin for a weekend and wandered around. πŸ™‚


And my first stop will always be Shiso Burger. I was passing by this restaurant at first time, and saw so many people were in the restaurant eating and wanted to try out this place; and it was amazing. This restaurant offers excellent selections of burgers especially with seafood and tofu options. My favorite is a shrimp burger with fries. The fries are also tasty as well. There are always so many people at this place so when it’s super crowded, take-out can be a better option πŸ™‚



The Barn has 2 locations in Mitte area; I’ve visited the factory one and it was a lot spacious than the one in Mitte. There is a coffee flight on the menu and it was heavenly. πŸ™‚ The baristas were all friendly and it was a perfect place to have a little sunshine. It really is one of the best cafes in Berlin.



This hotel/cafe/boutique is super luxurious place. The cool interior itself was worth to visit and it was nice to experience this all-in-one store.



Atelier Cacao is a cute cafe that offers vegan ice-cream options. Last year, there were so many kinds of vegan options but when I visited this year, there were only a few :(. I’ve tried others and they were good but I miss their espresso soy ice-cream from last year…



KOPPS is a well-known vegan restaurant in Mitte area. Anne hathaway has visited this restaurant as well. I wanted to dine at KOPPS for the vegan dinner course. I’ve tried their 5 meal course and it was totally excellent. It’s rare to find a restaurant that offers vegan courses so I was really glad to dine at this place.



Distrikt coffee is another good cafe in Mitte. This place had a cozy ambiance and was perfect to start a morning with a good coffee.



My flight was late at night and I had all day on Sunday so I’ve decided to spend a day at Hotel de Rome pool with their day package. It was super luxurious and pretty at the same time. The pool and the sauna were so quiet and nice and the rooftop terrace was a perfect place to have a nice view of Berlin and relax. I was glad that I visited here on my last day of Berlin. πŸ™‚



I totally love Mcdonald’s in Berlin since it does have so many vegan/vegetarian options! Had a perfect meal of veggie burgers and veggie wraps. I just wish Mcdonald’s in other countries do have same vegan meal…my last meal in Berlin πŸ™‚20160522_18064220160522_180647

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