It was my 2nd time to visit beautiful Stockholm, especially SOFO area over a weekend…Everywhere was still beautiful, the coffees were good, and the people were friendly. 🙂

Here are some of my must to-do list in Stockholm.


First up, I love the idea of starting my trip in Stockholm in Jamie’s Italian…this place offers fantastic beer, prawn pasta and amazing seafood. The prawn pasta here is the best in the world I believe…really wish that this place is in Seoul as well…It’s one of my favorite Italian cuisines in the world probably…



My very  favorite cafe in the world….Stockholm has one of the best cafes in the world…I love the vibe here as well as excellent single-origin coffees. I will always visit this cafe whenever I visit Stockholm. 🙂



Bruno is a small mall of stylish fashion brands. Loved this place and this place was perfect for a quick shopping!



A cozy cafe in SOFO area. The quiet ambiance was perfect for working inside and the little terrace was pretty. Good coffee+office like atmosphere.



Nook is a restaurant that my Swedish friend really recommended. I really liked the interior since it was chic and cozy at the same time. This restaurant offers Swedish-Korean fushion dishes and I liked it very much indeed. All the dishes in the dinner course were so delicious.



I found this cute corner cafe/boutique while passing by. This small cafe had a best view of SOFO. The coffee was okay but the service was friendly and it was a good stop to sip a coffee and relax.



My Swedish friend has told me that this place has the best cinnamon roll in town so we’ve visited. It’s a pretty popular bakery and will be opened in London as well. The interior is very cute as well and the cinnamon roll was really good 🙂20160515_141705

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