My recent findings of restaurants in Seoul in April..a little belated update 🙂


This small and cute Vietnamese restaurant offers different noodles and sandwiches. The cold noodle, fried corn and bahnmi (sandwich) were perfect combination to try. The crowds always line up in front of the restaurant since it has a reasonable pricing.



A reasonably priced Japanese restaurant chain. I would say that it does not offer the best sushi in town but the food is fairly good for the price. Tried its lunch courses. 20160413_11590820160413_12110820160413_12113220160413_12113620160413_12114920160413_121211


My favorite cafe/bar in town. There are always good fresh juice cocktails and coffees. Really like to hang out at the terrace and it’s super chill. 20160414_151717


A co-working cafe in Sangsu dong. The coffee menus were a bit expensive compared to other cafes but I liked the fact that they offer food menus as well. A perfect spot to study or work. It’s a big space so it’s pretty spacious. I wish there are more co-working cafes in Seoul 20160417_17002220160417_17094120160417_17453320160417_184816


Magpie in Itaewon is a well-known pub and pale-ale is one of the most popular menus. I liked the taste and the interior but I just wished it was more chilled. Personally, I think Magpie Jeju offers better beers. 20160419_18015820160419_18050220160419_180505


Really old and classic bakery that sells so many kinds of good breads. They just renovated their space so now it’s a cool mix of classic and hip vibe. Their breads are old-fashioned and they are super popular to people at all ages 🙂



Alex Coffee has newly opened in Chungdam, inside of Beaker Chungdam. It’s a small booth but they offer such a good coffee. Their Ethiopia single-origin has an excellent acidity to it. One of the best coffees in town always.


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