My belated posting of findings (in april) of hip restaurants in different quartiers in Seoul 🙂


Renovated a house into an Italian cuisine and it is located in Namsan. The lunch course was healthy &yummy and the interior was cozy and hip. Loved the small garden as well and it seemed perfect for small parties. My recent favorite so far. oh, and the best tiramisu in town 🙂


A cafe right next to KEATS HOTEL (No name)

Found this place randomly and it had a good coffee with an amazing view of Itaewon/Namsan area. 20160326_133215


Located in Chungdam. Tried the lunch course and it was okay… nothing really special but it seems to be a hip spot these days. 20160402_12175720160402_12215220160402_12332720160402_12482620160402_124943


A hip pub with a rooftop. Had interesting fusion menus. Located right in front of KEATS HOTEL. 20160402_20081620160402_20082120160402_20150120160402_212232

All photos by my cell phone, galaxy edge. 🙂

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